New Year – New Opportunities

And so to the second week of a new year at Lister – for a lot of students their first year.

Now is the time to explore the amazing range of musical opportunities available to all of you, you lucky people, delivered by the music department’s expert staff.


Instrumental lessons and ensembles begin this week, and you are all welcome to apply for free 1:1 instrument lessons – we don’t know of any other school offering this opportunity. Of course you need to practice your instrument and work hard to make progress…

To register for individual instrument lessons, you’ll need to speak to someone in the music department. You can find out what is available here and, once the timetables are finalised, you can check yours on the same page.

Every day at lunch time and after school, we run ensembles – rock band, wind band, guitar ensemble, jazz band, choir, ukulele club, music technology….you get the picture, right? You’ll find the details here. All you have to do is talk to a member of the music department and come along.

If you’re studying for your GCSE or attending instrumental lessons, of course, you are expected to take part in at least one ensemble. We believe strongly in giving as many of you as possible the opportunity to grow through your involvement in music – performing and rehearsing together are a huge part of that experience. It’s fun too, of course, and nothing can compare with the feeling after you deliver your part in a great group performance!

Pop in and talk to us – don’t be shy. We don’t bite….often.