Oompah Brass and Colin Currie

Oompah Brass

On Tuesday, a group of brass players went to Stratford Circus to take part in a workshop with the brilliant Oompah Brass. They came to visit us just before half term to put on a fantastic concert for our students:


Our brass players were a small group of 130 students from Newham and Tower Hamlets who came together to play and rehearse together – it was extremely loud! The students learned parts for the Rocky Theme, and will meet up again in March and June to rehearse ready for a big concert.

Colin Currie – Metal Wood Skin

On Wednesday, percussion students went to the Southbank Centre to see world-renowned percussionist Colin Currie in action. As well as demonstrating his talent on instruments, Colin performed some pieces on himself, using his body as a percussion instrument. The students were very impressed and enthusiastic about his playing – and determined to practice more!


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