Be part of it!

There are lots of opportunities for getting involved with musical activities at Lister Community School!

There is so much to do – from concerts at the Barbican and Southbank and projects with the NYO, Aurora Orchestra and Opera North, to collaborations with Newham Music, local schools and our partner MiSST schools and trips to Radley College and the West Cork Music Festival. For the very first time ever in Lister history, we will also be running a full-blown orchestra and choir tour to Yorkshire in the summer term.

Excited yet?! 

If you want to join in, here are our top tips:

  • Join an ensemble! There is something for everyone – or if you think you really want to have a go at Mongolian throat singing or something else that is not currently on our extra curricular timetable and that we should run a club, come and tell us! We will set one up! Anyone can join an ensemble – you don’t have to have individual lessons on your instrument. And the best part is? It is normally ensembles that get invited to participate in projects, concerts and trips! For instance, members of the ‘Spook’ guitar club are invited to perform at the Barbican in April, and members of the Orchestra and Choir will be invited to join the tour to Yorkshire. Check out the timetable below and see what you could join in with!

Music EC 2016

  • Sign up for individual lessons! If you’re enjoying learning your instrument in class, why not try some individual lessons? They are free! Or maybe you would like to try a different instrument – we’ve currently got spaces available for double bass, cello, bass guitar, saxophone, clarinet, French horn and drum kit, with waiting lists for violin, piano, guitar and flute.
  • Practice really, really, REALLY hard! Students in Years 7, 8 and 9 with the best attitude to learning and most progress will be the first offered places on the MiSST trip to Radley College in July.
  • Check out the Music Department notice board! We’re always putting up posters and flyers sent to us by organisations that have additional opportunities for young musicians – everything from nominations for NOfA (National Orchestra For All) to creative courses at the Barbican and young leaders opportunities at the Southbank Centre.
  • Tell us that you LOVE MUSIC and that you want to be involved in some of the extra opportunities here at Lister. Any member of the Music team will be able to help you and advise you on the best ensemble to join or tell you about all the exciting things we’re doing!

Happy music making! 

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