Extra-curricular Music at Lister

Our extra-curricular Music programme has had an update! 

We have launched a NEW orchestra for students in Years 7 and 8 called the Training Orchestra, which will help you improve your ensemble playing AND enable you to one day play in the Lister Orchestra. Players will be supported by professional players and have the opportunity to perform in big concerts both in school and out. Guitarists can come along at the same time and get involved in rock and pop bands, and have a go on electric guitars and electric bass.

We have a new Samba band too, and Mr Start is looking to lots of students banging drums very loudly with him!

Click the picture below to enlarge and see the timetable in full:

Things to look forward to this term include:

  • Our new Quartet in Residence – the Behn Quartet – performing their first concert for us!
  • Visit to a concert at the Royal Academy of Music!
  • The Community Concert, which will feature up to 350 students performing in the Agora!
  • Our Young Promoters hosting a reception for young people at the Barbican, prior to the NYO’s concert on Sunday 9th April

Come and join in! 

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