It’s coming…

What is an opera?

Many people think opera is about wobbly voices and singing in Italian – that is only partly true! Whilst some famous operas were written in Italian and feature extremely difficult solos, not all operas are the same. The two things all operas do have in common though are storytelling and singing, both things that anyone can do. We wanted to create a modern opera with modern voices that everyone can enjoy.

Why are we writing a community opera?

Well, there are lots or reasons – and you can read more in our little booklet here – but essentially we believe that we all have a story to tell. We live and work in a very dynamic and diverse part of London and we want to celebrate that. Writing and performing music is also a fantastic way of bringing people together who might not otherwise meet. We can share ideas, stories and experiences, make new friends, and make something really special together.

The video below is clip of an opera workshop in December in which the students wrote a beautiful song about loneliness and feeling trapped (this is a sneak preview! shh!):

Do you want to be part of the 200-strong choir performing in ‘Full Circle’?

Then sign up using this form if you are a Lister student or this form if you are a parent, carer, employee or governor at one of the schools or organisations involved!

We look forward to singing with you soon!


Want to share this information? Download this infographic and share with your friends, family, and work colleagues.

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