Music: work showcase!

Summer term is always very busy in any Music department (all terms are busy!), but Lister Music Department is noisier than most! We could write more and tell you how brilliant our students are and how hard they are working, but we think it is better if you can see it for yourself! So here is a brief summary of what everyone is up to, and some video highlights too!

Lister Music Department summer term 2018 means:

  • 270 Year 9 students completing their final Solo Performance;


  • 270 Year 8 students learning an ensemble piece to play with the whole year group AND an ensemble piece for their section (strings, wind, brass), plus preparing grade pieces and scales on the side!
  • 270 Year 7 students learning new scales, vocabulary, and practical skills as they tackle improvisation for the first time
  • Students from the Learning Support department preparing for their ‘Carnival of the Animals’ concert in July

…and that is just in classroom Music!


In extra-curricular Music, this summer term we have:

  • 28 students preparing for ABRSM exams in late June;
  • Our Senior Orchestra and Choir rehearsing and attending workshops for our Community Opera performances
  • Our E13 Training orchestra preparing for a performance at the Newham Music Festival of Youth;
  • Our brand new Scholars Orchestra preparing for our Summer Showcase concert alongside the Jazz Band,


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