You can’t come to choir… but choir CAN come to you!

So we are back in Lockdown but never fear – choir is here!!!

How does it work?

Well, rehearsing online is extremely difficult – the time lag, background noises and the dreaded frozen screen all make rehearsing together impossible. So, instead we ask you to stick your headphones in, flick your microphone to mute, and sing along at home whilst waving and smiling at your choir colleagues on screen! Some people may even prefer it to ‘normal’ choir, as you don’t have to worry about other people hearing you! Here is a little clip of how it worked in our first week:

Looks great! How do I join in?!

  1. Email for the Zoom meeting code and password
  2. Sign into Zoom at 3.44pm on Friday
  3. Ensure your name and school is displayed on your Zoom profile so we know who you are and let you in!
  4. Sing away to your heart’s content!

We look forward to singing with you on a Friday afternoon very soon!

Ms Brown and Ms Haynes


Watch all our Community Choir videos by clicking HERE!

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